Hugs For Beginners

is a book intended for readers aged 2 to 120. Released in Israel by the independent publisher The Pink Camel, the hit  book is designed to elevate levels of love, empathy and happiness in the world.


It creatively accomplishes this and more through describing fifteen types of hugs and encouraging readers to try them out – all in 44 pages.


Now, more than ever, is precisely the time to hug – whether intimate family members, those close to heart, or those whom we live in close proximity with.

You are invited to join the party and order a copy, for yourself and for those you love. 

Hugs for Beginnerss

חיבוק בהשקה במגדלור

Hugs For Beginners


Select Reviews:

  • "This is the cutest book I’ve seen in my life…abundant with humor, imagination and creativity”

  • “The book elates the soul and raises oxytocin levels (i.e. the love hormone) in the body”

  • “My child’s laughter echoed throughout the house…”; “Warms the heart”

  • “Within only a week it turned into a household classic”

  • “It’s the only way we’ve been able to get a hug from our three year old ‘teenager’”

  • “Very few words and a lot of joy”

  • “Our family reads it together each night and it’s the warmest way to bring us together.”

  • “The book became one of our best nighttime texts, reading, hugging and even inventing new names for hugs”

  • “The names of the hugs became part of our couple and family lexicon.”


Hugs for Beginners

Text: Efrat Shoham

Illustrations: Yuval Yisraeli

Translation: Annette Appel

Editing: Yonit Naaman, Efrat Weiss

Design: Nurit Vind Kidron

Logo Designer: Roei Tzur

Photos: Adi Alon, Eran Even

Hugs for Beginners

You are invited to join the party and order a copy, for yourself and for those you love - Hamigdalor, Dotan Books